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[Owl City] Ocean Eyes

Review :

A major debut album of the popular electro-pop artist [Owl City] in Japan.
The substance is Adam Young’s solo project.

Nowadays, it has become a top artist in both name and reality, such as being used in Japanese commercial songs.

Initially I was active as an indie. However, this major debut album sold slowly after its release, and finally reached the top 10 in the United States three months later, and the recorded song “Fireflies” became the top in the United States.

As you can see from the jacket and title, there are many refreshing songs that express the sea and summer with electro sounds and percussion.

The most recent [Owl City] feels like I’m conscious of commercial music, so I feel like I’m doing what I want to do when I released this album and albums such as “Maybe I’m Dreaming”. I like it very much.
(I don’t hate recent albums either.)

Personally, I call the tune that adds echo, delay, and reverb to vocals and sounds as “Owl-bushi (Owl city melody line)”.
This album also has a unique sound, though not as recently.

Electro pop emo lovers wouldn’t be able to talk without [Owl City].
Anyway, it is full of easy-to-listen electronic sounds. Must listen.

Recommended Tracks

01 : Cave In

05 : The Saltwater Room

09 : Fireflies

12 : Tidal Wave


[Owl City]

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Cave In

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The Saltwater Room

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Tidal Wave

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