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About This Blog


This blog introduces the songs, albums, and artists that the webmaster met while searching for the finest emotional and melodic music, “Gokuemo (Ultimate Emotional Music)”.

Currently, we are introducing not only the world of emo, but the webmaster classify the evaluation by “Ultimate Music”, “Excellent Music”, etc.

About Evaluation

The evaluation of “Ultimate Music” and “Excellent Music” of this blog is selected based on the criteria of the webmaster.

The evaluation rates are as follows. (Revised 2022/01/21)
5-note Ultimate
4-note Excellent
3-note Great
2-note Good
1-note Fair

The main selection criteria are ambiguous, but they are as follows.
・ It’s emotional and melodious.
・ It has a killer tune.
・ It can be heard throughout the albums.
・ The concept and style are solid.
・ etc …

On the contrary, the ones that do not affect the selection so much are as follows. However, it may be taken up as an additional element.
・ Jacket
・ Title and Lyrics
・ Number of songs in the album
・ etc …

There are various evaluation criteria, and the evaluation of the webmaster may be different for the listener. I would appreciate it if you could understand that it is a personal hobby of the webmaster.

About Categorization

In the image category such as refreshing and bright, we basically select based on the criteria of the webmaster.
Of course, the image of the same artist may change depending on the album.
In that case, the category will be different, so if you want to look up the artist in the list, please specify it with the tag.

In genre categories such as emo and pop rock, the webmaster’s judgment and Wikipedia and As with the image category, even if the artist is the same, the category will change if the genre of the album changes.

Please note that some artists and albums may be classified into multiple categories.

About Major / Minor / Middle

Currently, it is basically judged by the number of “LISTENERS” in
・ Major (famous): 1M (1,000,000) or more
・ Minor (unnamed): less than 100K (100,000)
・ Middle (mid-level): Between major and minor

Since it is the number at the time of checking, it is naturally possible that a minor artist has become a major over time. Please refer to it as a guide only.


I am trying every day to make a better music blog.
We would appreciate it if you could share information or discover new things on this blog.

Let’s have a wonderful trip to Ultimate Emotional Music together.
Please make yourself comfortable.

Latest Update:2022/01/21