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[Leeland] Sound Of Melodies

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Review :

The 1st album of the talented Christian rock band [Leeland].
Started activities in 2004 and is still active.

The band has been nominated twice for a Grammy Award, and this album is one of them.
Christian rock band seems to include [Mae] etc. in it, but with the occasional “Hallelujah” and “Jesus” appearing in the lyrics, this band appears strongly in the genre.

The vocal singing voice is pure and gentle. The treble range is also beautiful.
Echo Harmony is also used well, as if listening in a church.

The tune is slow to middle tempo, but the melody is clean and emotional.

It’s basically rhythmic, and in “02: Reaching” the guitar and bass drum are firmly locked.
Personally, I recommend the sweet and gentle rock of the chorus of the final song “12: Poetry In Motion”.

Recommended Tracks

01 : Sound of Melodies

02 : Reaching

11 : Carried To The Table

12 : Poetry In Motion



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Sound of Melodies


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Carried To The Table

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Poetry In Motion

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