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[Copeland] You Are My Sunshine

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Review :

The 4th album of [Copeland], the representative of the calm emo band.
Formed in 2000 and took on hiatus in 2010.
Recently, he has started to reactivate and has released a new album.

The characteristic of the band is just one word, “transparency”.
A very transparent vocal.
When it comes to high-pitched falsetto, the transparency becomes even more pronounced.

A chorus that perfectly matches such a glass-like vocal,
The melody that is calm and gentle and sometimes creates a melancholy atmosphere is excellent.

It may sound boring to those who like fast-paced emo,
The melody sense is wonderful, so I recommend you to listen to it once.

[Copeland] has another face on the album “In Motion”.
I would like to introduce it in the future.

Recommended Tracks

01 : Should You Return

03 : Chin Up




Should You Return

Chin Up

Strange And Unprepared

Not Allowed

To Be Happy Now

  Calm, Mellow, Emo
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