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[Dream State] Something To Believe In

Review :

1st album of [Dream State], one of the representative bands of Piano Emo.

It is quite rare for many emo bands to be mainly piano,
This band goes on with the piano fully open from the beginning.

The album title track “Something To Believe In” was amazing.
The intro piano is wonderful. I also like the magnificent way of chorus.

It has a different merit from the song “A Place To My Head” recorded in the 2nd album with a similar tone.

Also, “Change”, which is the representative song of [Dream State], has a very comfortable feeling of running on the piano.

The vocals are simple good. I think it suits the song.

The second half of the album is a little less impactful than the first half,
The first half alone is worth listening to.

Recommended Tracks

02 : Something To Believe In

03 : Change

04 : No Vacancy


[Dream State]

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Prelude ~ Something To Believe In

With a prelude that doesn’t exist on the 3rd album.

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No Vacancy

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