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[Jack’s Mannequin] Everything In Transit

Review :

The 1st album of [Jack’s Mannequin], which can be said to be synonymous with Piano Emo.

The balance between the refreshing piano melody line and the guitar, bass and drums is very nice.

Also, the unique rhythm and voice of the vocals will make you feel that he’s not just merely a person.

Andrew McMahon, who is in charge of the band’s main vocals and songwriting, is also active as a rock band [Something Corporate].
We plan to introduce it on this site as well.

Recommended Tracks

04 : I’m Ready

06 : Dark Blue

10(後半) : You Can Breathe

11 : Into The Airwaves


[Jack’s Mannequin]

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Dark Blue

I’m Ready

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You Can Breathe

Search " You Can Breathe " on Youtube

Into The Airwaves

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