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[Mae] The Everglow

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Review :

The 2nd album released in 2005 by the emo pop rock band [Mae].

A one-of-a-kind masterpiece known to emo lovers.
There are countless people who have entered the world of emo from this album.
I’m one of them.

A major feature of this album is that the whole album, including the jacket, is story-like.

A characteristic rounded vocal.
Sometimes sad and sometimes powerful back sound.
In addition, the melody line created by the piano.
All of them are first-class products, and the concept is well-kneaded.

This album is something that everyone, not just emo lovers, wants to hear at least once.

Recommended Tracks

04 : Suspention

11 : The Everglow

13 : Anything



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The Everglow


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