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[Quietdrive] Deliverance

Review :

The 2nd album of the rock band [Quietdrive], which is also popular in Japan.

There was a change of members of the fate of the rock band.
But recently it has continued to activities, such as release the best album.

The band feature is strong rock sound, but there are many melodic parts, so divide it’s genre into emo on this site because it looks fierce emo.

What can be said in common with other albums of this band is that they are made politely and coolly from the first song.
Also, the melody is not neglected and is carefully made.

Throughout the whole, the rock and punk colors are strong, but the 4th and 5th songs are brightly finished, and they know the knack of excitement, so we are very easy to listen to.

Recommended Tracks

01 : Believe

02 : Deliverance

04 : Motivation

05 : Birthday



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